The Two Roads

I have one road and walk on it. It is so long, that after some time, walking on it in boots would surely get very tiring. And you would not wish to walk on this road anymore. For you in your body only sickness is being created. To live in Nature would be very difficult. Therefore we would need to say “good bye” to that road: it makes us reject the first road and walk far away from it.
And then we took another road --the road, where it will be easy to live without any shoes, for you there will a rug spread everywhere. It will not harm your legs, nor will create harm to your body. Our body will progress naturally because of one essence --Nature. It [Nature] has two roads.

On one [road] we have learned to look for our eternally chaotic dependency. It gave us a little piece [of bread] and a little cloth and put up the wall and led us away with it’s convictions – with it’s matter of labor, as if that all saves us and because of it we live and continue our life in time. We are profoundly mistaken if we think so and speak so about our food and clothes, the same is about our house. We eat three hours a day and they are separate hours. If we would eat that food constantly – we would not be able to live. Our bodies would be clogged and would not have the possibility to live. We eat three or four times a day only. Our body lives because of rest and abstinence [from food]. The same is for clothes: we are not dressed in the same clothes and not constantly. We dress for conditions: hot – we undress; cold – we put the cloths on. If we would walk always in clothes – we would not have means to get new clothes all the time, and they would rot on our bodies. They also require care, because they have weight. The atmospheric air falls down on them; it presses the human being down to Earth with its forces. Therefore the human being loses his powers on the way. He is tired of walking in clothes all the time and not to stop in a house to rest. A human being does everything at home. He has a stove, [where] the chimney progresses because of air. A man prepares for himself food and consumes it. And then he goes to bed and sleeps, seeing a beautiful dream. It happens that everybody is choking from these created conditions. In general, a man dies in his house. Caskets are being carried out of their houses and delivered to appointed places, where the ancestors are lying in the dust of the earth.

The first road showed us the way because of Nature’s riches. Once upon a time the body lived and fought with Nature, thinking that it individually will prove by its work. But the body lived only till nature’s forces jumped on it and knocked it down. “Lie there now and moan till the air will cease to enter your lungs, lacking it for the body to be awakened”.
The entire way of dependency is harmful to life. The whole way is not suitable because of extinction, because of natural death. If dependency satisfied our human life, then a man would not live as he lives now – a small change [in Nature] and he has caught a cold, got sick, and moans. In response, people close to him are focusing on helping him. But it was their misfortune. The man was taken to a hospital for help. But what kind of help is there? Isolating him completely from healthy people. Will he live or not, hoping for a chance. With luck, the outcome will be good. If no luck – will be living badly. Such is our habit – we cannot do without fate. Dependency is looking for trouble. Dependency is not good for life, and since we can’t live without it, we will die.

This is what dependency is all about: it forces a human being to think about it before hand. And then the time was coming to think – what, how, and when. Nature doesn’t give anything without work if you want to have something. It is a treasure. It is glory. Dependency lives in Nature because it (Nature) gives something. If it exists in Nature, then you will be dependent, if does not exist – you will not be dependent, because Nature opened all qualities, that it gave: they are the fruits of human hands, the fruits of labor, through which a man lives one time and dies in that dependency.

On the contrary, independence was born to live and continue its years. This shows itself in the access to incoming air, turbulent water, and from a square of earth, that gives everything to the human being. There is no need to contrive in Nature because she is not artificial but natural. She can do anything, if she only wants to find powers for an emergency. She is Mother in this business, keeps to herself what she possesses and chases away the artificial – she does only this. And the essence will live and will live in the human being that does not bury himself and is not afraid to be in nature without any art that only obstructs with its deadliness. The live will not live with the deadly in Spirit because it chases the deadly away for it’s foul smell. In the deadly there is no spiritual entity [no soul].

And in life all is alive and happy to live in electrical current, electricity and magnetism, where power and the will live. This is why independence was born in Nature. It found harm in a humanity and began to oppose all, becoming a warrior for all. It presents its general forces, declares with confidence that it will surely manifest only within one human being. That human being alone is contending with Nature, wants to pursue her (as a source) with his powers to give him the right to be proprietor of all made by Nature; so that he exile all that is made by people and the human being would become independent from Nature.

She gave him a hint to meet in his way an independent human being. But in reality it happened that a dependent human being was met and she didn’t come to his help, but began to teach him and make him obedient. And so in Nature the forefather’s experience teaches us. The youth did not study from the old [teachings], but from the new, born in Nature, and dependent. The youth did not want to become independent from Nature because everything that was done by the first human being for humanity failed to remain the same: it was born by the infectious nature. It compelled them in work to get the fruits for themselves in Nature, and as a result, man became dependent. He didn’t teach himself how to remain eternal without anything. They [people] need cloths, food and house. This is human dependency in Nature, where the young people lived at one time, developed cold and got sick. With it they said “good bye” to the white world because of these “riches”. It had crushed them, didn’t let them breathe anymore; they choked in that business. Nature didn’t let them breathe anymore because she is natural and wanted to remain without artificial means. So in Nature there won’t be any oxide, any chemistry, or any business. But it wants the human body to be without any self-defense, without self-preservation and not to count on anybody else. Because Nature gave birth - it will keep the human body without self-defense and satisfaction (because of that [self-defense and satisfaction] a human being lives for some time and then somehow or other dies).

Independence challenges all the kind and Nature-loving people to closely investigate this matter and come to a conclusion – to live or not to live.

Up till now we learned only the artificial and are building walls around us with that for some time. But the natural essence tells us to pay attention to one person who with his body became independent from Nature, from all its conditions. This man is Ivanov, our Russian man. He tempered-conditioned himself by training, is working on himself not to wear cloths and not to eat any food, and not to enter a house. This is nature, and this human being made all for himself. And now he is crying out loud that we need to become independent from Nature. We should not live at the expense of the joyful others. Let’s try to live at our own expense. This will be the proof. This will be unprecedented. We talk about independence, want peace, friendship and love between people, but don’t accept what is happening in Nature. But in Nature blood-thirst for other animals develops and because of it the human being is dependent on other animals.

Independence is already on the Earth for 27 years and carries [qualities] into life, but the scientists don’t accept. They don’t like what Ivanov is doing. He is doing it practically. He grew up among us, is walking and talking about his stomach - what he has achieved. He doesn’t need any food or water; lives on electricity, electrical current and magnetism, in which he bathes at any time of the year. For Ivanov air (no matter what the temperature) is his bath, and the earth holds the human being on his feet, so he would not need to sit or sleep. It will be the practice that works as a fact in the human being.

A man has to leave everything behind and undertake the newfound and unusual -- to live in Nature no matter what its conditions. He must live and use Nature; he doesn’t need any art or other labor. He needs Nature’s perfume eternally and to live eternally because of this fragrance. One man became ready, found these qualities and surrounded himself with them. Now it’s time to establish ground. --How we previously lived –history shows us in the past people who died.

Independence will take what belongs to it and will make us give up everything created by humans. It will show us the courageous road so that road will surely become radiant, gathering its forces to act. At first, with its use -- now Nature has the task to punish for [bad] attitude toward the independent man, who was banished -- not to be together with dependence.

Independence was and will be alive. Its powers will not disappear. It has strong legs, its eyes see far away and hands are able to do everything. But for some reason, the scientists do not want to support it, so that no one would persecute it. Only this system and only this way are completely noble in life.

Dependence is like a hundred sheep and one shepherd, but only with loss, not profit. Just as this economy has been abolished, similarly this structure will scatter in a moment, as if it never existed.
Nature is essential, alive. It’s not dead. But people are talking about non-living things. They want to see them on their bodies and hear them. A man’s peer took his life away. He liked his life, he would never wish to die, but Nature forced him [to die]. Similarly, it will force a man to be independent in Nature. He will be the only one as such and everyone will look up to him.

In independence there is no need for harm from any activity. But there is such need in dependence. Independence will not stretch out its arm and beg, but dependence begged and will beg because it is in need. Independence will not steal. But dependence had stolen and will steal. Independence will not kill, but dependence had killed and kills. Independence did not and will not do evil to anyone, but dependence can’t live without it. Independence is polite to everyone, but dependence is proud and capricious. Independence is rich with life and will continue to live, but dependence is poor in life. Independence will help anyone at any moment. If a person is sick with something, independence will help him and he will not become sick anymore. But dependence is dead in its essence and powerless, is afraid of Nature and is walking away from it. Independence is not afraid of Nature, lives with it together and wants always to live together [with Nature] through love. Dependence loves only itself, “only its shirt is better” [Blood is thicker than water]. For independence there is nothing bad, everything is good. Dependence is hiding from heat and bundles up from cold. The best feeling for independence is to develop will power. Dependence will not have such will and power. And what will give such feeling for its body: its eternally hanging clothes? It’s [clothes] do not awaken him but rot on the body without any benefit, causing only harm. The clothes are rotting and the skin is not breathing. But in independence this is going on – everything is turbulent and endlessly contiguous with new-coming air. These are undying feelings in the body.

When independence will have this, it will form as one man right now is forming on himself. It is I, Ivanov, in whom the administration can’t find usefulness that the human being will follow.

Independence does not have such thought. He doesn’t wait upon the day that died yesterday. There will be no such day and he will not come to us through the late man that ended his life yesterday. We don’t need such days. We are earning independence so that no tomorrow will go by without it. The human being “earned” it in Nature: he wanted to eat it to restore himself. And it happened that he lost. Though one by one, all died because of it: they were forced by their economy and politics. This is what dependence did for the whole of humanity. It didn’t accomplish anything; except that it was born, lived at one time, and then died with everything it produced.

Independence already lives and has been showing in one man for 27 years. He is not bored with it; he wants to free all living beings in the white world [the whole world] from dependence so that they would reject [the conditioned] Nature and take care of themselves and became Masters of their bodies, so that the body will not need anything. Independence has already done this – tempered by training, is working on itself and wants the fruit from this work. This is what independence wanted to have.

But dependence gets sick easily: from any insignificant change. It becomes weak and is chased far away. Dependency is powerless, it can’t move farther without power. It doesn’t accumulate health, but loses, slowly becoming useless.

Independence is accumulating at every minute and is strengthening to become always a winner. It is already showing its independent powers in Ivanov. And if it is independent – it is alive and full of energy to live. We should not be afraid of Nature by walking away from its qualities. Independence is sure about its powers, that they will remain eternal. My power is increasing and progressing in me better than during my youth. I am a youth in my heart. And all the dependent people in their age do not have this. Independence is not convinced and does not believe to any sort of storage. It thinks and hopes for the surrounding atmosphere of our planet that has power, electrical current, magnetism, through which a man lives and counts on his will power. They will save the human being and create benefit, not harm in his body.

Dependence believes in and is convinced about storage and [technological] progress. As far as benefit – no one got any benefit from any developed science, except for the science of tempering-training. Only it can teach the human being. It can help him to stop the current developed in him that takes our brother to the grave.

It is also the general result of work done by men. --A man ceased to see with his eyes and breathe air, his heart stops. -- For this man a grave and a casket are being prepared; that condition chases him away from home. What are we dependent people, in our bodies, waiting for on this earth? Only death.

Independence tells that my love saves me in my activity, in what I am doing. I am acting with my body not for any harm, like all the others do. I don’t do as everybody else. I am bringing only benefit. I will prove, not by the blood shedding of another body, but with the protection of this natural body -- if not today, then tomorrow. Time of this life is moving on. You will recognize my ability, that it will be necessary for life. It is not death, but life.

Dependency brought everything upon itself. It needs a man like a product. In Nature: today he was born and there are lots of them, he can do better in life. And isn’t the best that the man brings to us – his personal health, and what can be better than this? In his body he has his health. Lets pay attention to all these words spoken about independence and dependence.

All your history lays buried in the Earth and everybody is staying in line to go there. Independence writes its realizations, reproaches the scientists: “What have you found in your research and what have you done? Faster? Convenient? But these are only a temporary solution.”

A man lives among us, he grows and has been strengthening his powers for 27 years and does not see in himself decline or feeling bad. His heart makes him run fast; -- he will get these qualities anyway and manifest them in himself. Then the scientists will say with whom they need to have friendship and love. With Nature, but not with a human being, especially the ones, armored against Nature. Independence is convinced about it: it will come true. Since it was said – it will be done. Thus man creates life, not death.

Let the dependent man to pave the way like our Ivanov paved. He doesn’t see anything bad ahead. But dependence has hydrogen and atomic energy, without which it cannot win the game.

Independence says – “We need to learn how to live.” We can die: we have everything for that. The product was made correctly but is not being used for the right purpose. This is the fear of the dependent man: he doesn’t want to die with that energy. He cries that they need peace in the whole world. But he is silent when it comes to the subject matter of Nature – the most important subject that tolerates it all. They kill a human being from a long distance and brag about it. A whale of 120 tons was killed – “This is a profit from nature!” -- so speaks the economical and political man. I know, I know and see and hear how before butchering, an animal cries in the slaughterhouse. But my time has not come yet – to cry with my voice about this business: “Keep away your hands from this matter, man!”

Independence goes into steppe all by himself and makes himself to be there without anything. But you, the scientists, know about it. So tell the people about this. Let them think: “Why did this man who is like all the others, not want to walk by the first road, but went on his own way”. And he went not just by the usual road where other people are led to God.
Independence does not believe in different Gods, it believes in the human body and is convinced that this man taught himself to teach others how not to catch cold and not to become sick. It is necessary to protect yourself. Ivanov taught many, now is witnessing God’s role in his life. And Ivanov earned it as a man, not as a supernatural God.

Independence with its ability does not walk away from anyone; moreover, it invites: “Be kind, do and accomplish in yourself what Ivanov does”. Ivanov is a man who is independent from Nature; he protects the human being and the joyful animal that were wronged in Nature. Therefore he appears the only one in Nature – this is Ivanov – a God! And before becoming a God, it is necessary to renounce everything what you have as of today. Independence does not want to have dependence. It [dependence] can’t make a step without the piece of bread, clothe, and house. But it is better to be a healthy human being and never get a cold or any sickness. Such person needs to be detached from everything in Nature. The Nature loves pure natural essence, poverty, but not the riches that a human being accumulated in hopes that he can live because of it. But the end result in Nature is one – death from this business.

Therefore independence is fighting with scientists throughout the whole world. But the scientists are outraged about such matters. Do they want to die with all their accumulated wealth? No man wanted to experience renunciation from the natural wealth. Ivanov alone began this and is working personally on himself, studying the position of the whole human life. He doesn’t think about what all others think. Their desire is to get a big harvest each year from Nature. But independence has one thought: to ask Nature to give him the rights for teaching and life. Ivanov received in from Nature, even now, to meet with natural shortcoming and to live with it on even terms. There is no fear of Natural force, because it is abolished by its love in Nature.