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Ivanov's idea, method of tempering and training is the practical way to awaken people's consciousness with the powers of Nature; to aqure Man's immortality, it's a new, unprecedented way of the mankind's evolution. So in 1977-1979 years he wrote the Hymn called "The Glory of Life" based on this idea:

a) Russian transliteration:

                                        SLAVA JIZNI

                           Ludi Gospodu verili kak Bogu,
                           A On Sam k nam na zemlyu prishol.
                           Smert' kak takovuyu izgonit,
                           A jizn' vo slavu vvedet.
                                                                      Gde ludi vozmutsa na etom Bugre,
                                                                      Oni gromko skajut Slovo.
                                                                      Eto est' nashe raysloye mesto,
                                                                      Cheloveku Slava bessmertna.

                                                     b) English translation:

                                                                                             GLORY OF LIFE

                                                                      People in the Lord believed as in God,
                                                                      And He came Himself to us on the Earth.
                                                                      The death He'll drive away as such,
                                                                      And put the Life on the glorious throne.
                                                                      Where the people will gather on this Hill,
                                                                      They will loudly say their Word:
                                                                      Here is our paradise place,
                                                                      Glory to the Man is eternal.

Ivanov-Parshek himself treats the significance of the Hymn as follows: "The Hymn is just everything now. I am singing Him constantly".