How to Get Rid of Diseases and Become Healthy

Human life depends on nature. When a person is born, he is washed in water, pushed out by the air and received by the earth. The human did not want to live in nature and be surrounded by air, water, and earth, and began to create artificial conditions of his life. Nevertheless, regardless his desires, he has to face the natural atmosphere. Humans went down the wrong track. Nature loves whose people who love her with their all hearts and souls. We are not guaranteed to be free from accidents and our day of destiny awaits us. We desire that these things not happen to us. We only want to live nicely and keep our body warm. Everyone is trying to avoid unpleasant, cold conditions, thinking this is a better way of life. But what happens in nature is not how people think, nor what they want.

Eventually time shows that our retreat to life in a “green house” results in many diseases, including cancer. But human life began in the cold, without comfort, but in tough conditions close to nature. People do live, but how to overcome internal and external enemies of their organisms, nobody knows. Diseases creep in quietly and unnoticeably and affect an organism powerfully so it is very difficult or impossible to get rid of them. But there is a man who can conquer the invisible enemy. He declared that his body had sensed this enemy from elbow and up the shoulder. He has intercepted the enemy by his power. His allies are air, water, and earth. He was fighting with the disease for 15 days, used thousands of strikes and different methods and won. A human being is constantly fighting with nature; he must search for the means of victory over death inside himself. Today death overpowers us, and tomorrow we will overpower it. We try to take and use from nature only the good side and are avoiding the bad, but there is another side of the coin: the “good” weakens an organism, and the “bad” strengthen it, makes it work intensely and increases its protective forces.

We must get from nature powers to fight diseases. Most important: Everything is done by the laws in nature; and the same laws act inside of us. People do not believe in anything or anybody. They created their own thoughts and surrounded themselves with a mental atmosphere of distrust, built walls between nature and themselves physically and mentally; created technology and began to fight with nature, opposing themselves to it, not thinking about the consequences. Ivanov is not fighting against nature; she is his friend. He tolerates natural conditions for the sake of the truth and independence of human beings from the surrounding conditions for life – long and eternal.
Everyone is able to die; we must learn how to live. Ivanov lives not only for himself, but also for people, so that not only he felt good, but also his life would be useful to everyone. Nature loves those who love nature. She does not punish such a person.

In Moscow there lives Mr. Sergei Ivanovich Kachalin, who works in the Department of Road Connections. A malignant tumor appeared on his upper lip. When the tumor enlarged, he went to a doctor. Doctors decided to remove the upper lip with some teeth. Mr. Kachalin declined surgery. He was told that there is a man who could help, that this man lived near Rostov-city and came to Moscow for the sake of sick people. This man was Ivanov. Mr. Kachalin received the truth. Ivanov received him and listened attentively. He says that many people come to him with different diseases and ask for help, but he doesn’t need their diseases: he needs people, who can get rid of diseases with his help. He teaches that the reason for all diseases is in people themselves. Their improper thinking and actions, as consequences, create conditions for development of different diseases. We must not shield ourselves from nature, but embrace it as it is. Then our body will live according to its laws and will become strong, healthy and robust. We should thank the man, who, through great difficulty, received power from nature and began to use it for the benefit of people, not sparing himself.

Nature punishes us for our bad actions. Healthy people live without knowledge, that sooner or later there comes time when nature will punish them for all their bad actions. But the other people, who follow Ivanov, will receive “easy” healthy life. They will receive help from a man who obtained the mercy of nature in exchange for his service to her. Nature will preserve him, he will live eternally with us and for him there will be no death. It will definitely come. He, with his powers, will obtain it. For us, simple people, he will be invisible.

Ivanov asked R. Kachalin to do everything according to his system, not skipping anything, then he would recover form his disease. The Teacher says: “My health is your health.” He has a surplus of health and he shares it with people through his hands, giving them part of his health. While the patient is receiving help of the healthy man through his hands, the Teacher explains what to do to keep good health. Seregi Ivanovich said to the Teacher that previously he smoked and drank vodka, and now has decided to give it up. The Teacher instructed him to follow the system and do the following:

1. It is necessary in morning and evening, before sleep, to shower (poor over yourself) in cold water -- to have a good effect on the body and mind. In this you need will power and be persistent.
2. It is necessary to wish good health to other people, if you wish to receive it yourself. Say hello to all people, do not wait till they will say it first.
3. Do not be a greedy money-grubber, share with the needy and do not wait till they ask; offer help first. Tell yourself that you are giving to this man and doing him good so that you also will get good.
4. It is necessary to fast from food and liquids for 42 hours. Start on Friday at 6 pm and finish Sunday at 12 Noon. Before breaking fast, go outside in the fresh air, and inhale air from above, asking the one you trust to give you good health with the air. This needs to be done every week, awaiting and meeting this time with celebration. Daily, morning and evening, walk barefoot on the earth or snow and breath properly, as described above.
5. Do not spit on the earth. Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke.

This above, altogether awakens a human organism, changes it and tunes the psych in a new way.
People have found it and it is used by Ivanov and the other people for deliverance from disease. We must use these natural qualities and forces; they are sacred paths in the world. The Teacher says that he is not a doctor treating patients and not an alternative healer delivering people from diseases. He is a practical man. He personally studied forces of nature and challenges all people to do the same. People are not searching for the mystery of life; they are more interested in external things such as their surroundings, etc. People live apart from nature, thinking it a limitless resource. They are not considering the consequences of unwise human actions.

It would be wise to remember a story by Krylov “A swine under the oak tree”. A human being is appears to exactly like this, he should look inside himself, study his own nature, and then act, knowing what he needs.

Yes, looking at Ivanov, at his tempering-conditioning, we can say that he is a man of natural talent, originating from simple folks. He alone consciously went this way and transfers his knowledge to people for their benefit, for preservation of their health. The truth itself speaks through his lips. He tempered his body, his heart works like a heart of a 25 years-old youth. Because of his willpower he does not fear any disease, any negative actions of atmosphere or even death. This is no miracle because he uses the powers of nature. He says that the main point is to have pure air so that proper breathing awakens the organism, gives faster recovery, acting on the nervous system, recovers the powers of an organism.

But instead of applying already tested natural methods of getting health, people are afraid even to speak about it, as if it appeared to be something surreal. Of course, if a human being cannot think independently, believing only generally accepted opinions, then everything that is beyond those opinions is disregarded as something incomprehensible, therefore surreal. It is the logic of primitive less educated people. If everything, about which the Teacher speaks, exists, if it is being supported by facts, then it is the truth itself. And just because we cannot explain something because of a lack of knowledge, must we deny it? Only an inquisition has acted this way. Incomprehensible doesn’t mean nonexistent. Something incomprehensible today will become comprehensive tomorrow. Knowledge does not pause – it is the process of human evolution.

Great discoveries of individuals in the past rarely were understood by contemporaries, but were only appreciated by future generations. However, human nature has not changed much since, and in general the attitude of people to new discoveries remains the same. Still, we live in 20th Century and should look at such things differently, and live not only for today.

The Teacher says that disease is not above the human being, but the other way around. A human being can become independent from nature and it is in his power to get rid of all kinds of negative influences, not by receiving help externally, but by the internal powers of his organism, awakening it by the methods tested by the Teacher on himself and on many other patients, who asked him for help.

The teacher says that we should love not only ourselves, but all other people. We should greet everyone, this cultivates love for people, and the hearts of people begin to slowly awaken and open for higher purposes. It is necessary to train yourself to consciously live in uncomfortable conditions, tempering yourself physically as well as your psychic being. A human being must leave destructive desires, lust, whim, and monetary dependency; should not have unreal desires, since they lead to dissatisfaction with life. From there come nervous disorders and all possible diseases.

The Teacher asks you to cleanse your physical body by living a natural lifestyle and your nervous system by temperance and tolerance.

The natural lifestyle embraces not only the “good”, but also “bad” side of nature, only then an organism will equally react to any condition in nature and its inner forces will remain in balance, which means staying healthy.

The Teacher wishes everyone happiness and good health.

February 13th, 1967 By Ivanov, Porfiry Korneevich.

(Translated from the Russian by Marina Mars-Jones, U.S.A.)