Moscow! We all consider it to be our Capital. Why do I need it? I don’t really need it with its qualities.

I know very well one our current, it is developing in our man. From the very door of our house, there lays a way of our life to an edge, where a cemetery is located – the eternally undying place with ancestors. There is no difference between a village and a city. Believers in God and non-believers are reaching for it. A human being is approaching it with every minute; he is born in Nature for death: his dependence made him to end his life. He might not wish for it, but he is surrounded by the condition. He appeared in that unhappy place, where our disease met not personally withy a man, but with his natural body, with alive body and has settled there to spread its forces in ambush.

A man didn’t know this place and didn’t want to meet it, but Nature is still strong, it gave us birth, like to all others, our birth-mother (Nature) presented us into the progressive life, that made the man fight for his right to leant how to live easy, not difficult. All the people want it and were searching for it in Nature.

Do not think that I might not have done anything in Nature. Behind is the history that was written by me, made with hands of physical labor on me. That made me to practically establish investigation of the atmospheric occurrence. I am a samorodok (a naturally-talented person), a worker of this job, found in Nature the qualities through our science of tempering-training, taught myself how not to get a cold or sickness. I obtained it. I have the will and power.

If I haven’t seen and didn’t hope that it will be necessary in the future for the human life – I wouldn’t have to come to your, so to speak, Moscow. It doesn’t have any significance for me. A human being has significance in everything.
If there would be no man – there wouldn’t be anything around what is used by the man that has died with all this. What a human life, if to look at it from the beginning to the end?

It was difficult for me to watch and realize that no matter how important a person’s position in life was, still he was “burned down” (died), like the others. Dependency helped them in that business. Their wealth and work will wear off soon, and we did not find a way to go without work and continue life without it.
I go to Moscow not for my personal business: with my business of my idea I will be needed at any place. I do not get cold or sickness – what could be better? I am writing how it would be necessary to learn to prevent it all. I came home and am writing the history from the practice, but no one pays attention to my practice. But it lives in a human being equally. I gave a speech in Rostov State Medical Institute, in the department of physical education, to the medical students, the future doctors. I also told to the psychiatric department. I came to deliver the organized speeches to the population. But I was not taken seriously, people walked away from the truth.

I am a human being, like everybody else, with my health, maybe even wouldn’t come to Moscow, but the condition makes me to. If I wouldn’t see the truth on me personally – I wouldn’t tell about it to the people. I am doing this personally and wouldn’t give it up. These are the people with their health. They must support my health because it is necessary for everyone. A man is being judged by the law here. What for? - you asked, -- For the idea. What does it bring to us in the nature? It brings the new quality in a human being. It is what everyone wants – not to get cold and sickness.

Because of it I come to Moscow and will continue to come for this matter. The Nature has taught me to live not like we all live – some insignificant problem with health and we hurry to call doctor or ambulance. We are afraid of a disease, therefore, we possess our wealth and use it. We trust in it, but it doesn’t save us. We begin to be more afraid of a disease, we dress better and eat better and live in a descent house. But diseases are still developing in people. Because of a disease we develop our intelligence. We need a place and not a bad place, but the one, where we could live nicely. We are reaching for it in nature, giving all our efforts to make life easier, but it doesn’t happen. The pain is progressing, it is negotiating with us, but as soon as it gets into the body – don’t wait for mercy: it will lay you down all of a sudden, so it will do to us for our good business that we do in nature.

We keep our bodies in life because of nature. Who will say “thanks” to you or us for it? No one. It is necessary to do so, it would become useful for everyone. And the science of the tempering-training is not for the selling –buying business. All its methods are free from a fee (money). Why does the body need clothes? But a man is buying it. Why does he need food? The man is buying it. And the house is being build for the money. This means the body is fenced off by money and they are obtained through labor.

How is the tempering-training made us to distrust all what was already made? Whatever was done is not what do we actually need. You have everything what to wear and what to eat, and to live in a house, but you should consciously to reject all this. You would not be an enemy to all that – you are a preserver of nature and nature will preserve you for it. This is not an attempt to get what belongs to others.

All power results from the tempering-training. It taught the human being. He is meeting with doctors, tells them about it, but they don’t agree with him, argue and argue a lot for their right in science. They should agree with it, but they don’t wish to try, they are afraid to die without a coat. They’d rather die in a coat.

I am not asking for any material (financial) help from anyone, but since I have learned how to live a new way – the people will tell you. We must believe them in what they do – no epidemics touch them. And since they feel good, why shouldn’t we do the same? They are living close to us and studying it, they live healthy and are not getting sick, just like me.

I don’t need Moscow or any village. What I need is a place where no one can disturb my body. This would be everything for me and for all. My Idea is our Idea. Learn and become similar to me – I am alone wishing that everyone would become like me, living without need of clothes, food, or need in having a house – this is all we need for life. We will conquer it; it will become immortal in front of us. This idea teaches us how to live and give a right to everyone how to live without any disease and sickness. In this matter, Moscow or other village doesn’t play a role, but the human being does play a role with his body, whom are given a right of tempering (conditioning)-training in order to obtain from Nature health only, who will have no need of food, water, and clothes with a house. These are the powers and it is possible to have them, so that not Nature is ruling over a human being, but the human being over Nature. His body learned in Nature to conquer all the troubles, which are multiple from the good point and there is the bad side too.

This is our body. And in the body the nervous system plays a role, a part of a brain. The nervous system is warming up itself only because it receives the electrical current and magneto that sustains the heart. And since the heart will be young – then life also will be without tiredness. This will be a new and unprecedented for the humans – to remain in nature without any food, any clothes, and without any house. We will shout in a full voice before other people about this our new, unprecedented matter! The Nature will preserve us for our work. We will receive everything from Nature for life.